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Hotel staff members who are intimately familiar with Hakone gathered together to create model courses recommended for the most memorable and enjoyable trip to Hakone. These model courses are designed for various occasions, including couple’s trips, women-only trips, and more.


day1 am11:00

From Shinjuku Station, take the Odakyu Romancecar to Hakone-Yumoto Station.
(Takes 90 min)
From Hakone-Yumoto Station, take the Hakone Tozan Bus to Kowakien.
(Takes 20 min)

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Deposit your luggage at the cloakroom and go to Yunessun!


An onsen theme park that you can enjoy in a swimsuit! Have a great time in the many fun baths, which are so numerous that it would be impossible to fully enjoy all of them in just a single day.
During your stay, you can visit Yunessun’s swimsuit zone and the bath zone (Mori no Yu) as much as you like.


Have a light lunch at the restaurant Fontana, where you can dine while still wearing your swimsuit.
The restaurant has an extensive menu, featuring mainly pasta and light meals along with desserts and drinks.



Enjoy a relaxing stay in a guest room surrounded by the rich natural environment of Hakone.
Have a functional and comfortable stay, while soothed by the greenery and the sunlight streaming in through your windows.
All rooms are equipped with beds (instead of only providing futon) so that anyone can have a comfortable stay.

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Enjoy a special and relaxing time alone with your loved one, with no one to disturb you.
The two of you can have the luxurious view of the outer rim of Mt. Hakone all to yourselves.
You can choose from two types of baths: a stone bath or a hinoki bath. [Reservation required]

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Dinner is served at the buffet restaurant Fontainebleau.
You can enjoy dishes prepared fresh in our live kitchen.
We invite you to enjoy a special dinner of local cuisine made using local ingredients from the outskirts of Hakone.

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Improving your concentration in such a creative space might help you come across new ideas.
Spend some time improving and refreshing yourself in a ‘workation’ space surrounded by the rich natural environment.


A great way to reward yourselves for all of your hard work!
Enjoy a relaxing moment to unwind both mentally and physically with our spa treatments.
Relax to your heart’s content through blissful body treatments to relieve your daily fatigue.


End your day of travel at Bar1959 for some mature entertainment different from your typical daily routine.
Enjoy Hakone at night with high-quality drinks and delicious snacks.

Good Night

Day 2


A morning in the open-air bath watching the sun rise in the eastern sky over the outer rim of Mt. Hakone.
This special experience can only be enjoyed at this time, at this spot, and at this hotel.
The morning sunrise from the large bath on the top floor is quite majestic.

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Take a morning stroll in the spacious 16,000 m² garden.
The combination of the fresh morning air and the beautiful scenery of the garden is capable of refreshing you in body and soul.
Depending on the season, the morning mist may roll in for you to enjoy a magical atmosphere.
Let the natural environment and clean air of Hakone rejuvenate you mentally and physically.


Breakfast after your morning walk is exceptional!
Start your day with a buffet filled with local ingredients.
The delicious aromas wafting from the open kitchen will instantly whet your appetite.



We have prepared a hiking course map that guides you around Horaien, Senjo Waterfall, and Mt. Asama.
Mt. Hakone is located close to the hotel and is an easy hike.
We invite you to spend a luxurious time as you enjoy nature.
Please experience the rich natural environment of Hakone.


Visit Mori no Yu to wash away the sweat from your hike and relieve your travel fatigue.
You can enjoy eight different types of baths, including an open-air bath overlooking the outer rim of Mt. Hakone.
Please enjoy the baths for as long as time permits.

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There are many local specialties available that would make the perfect souvenir.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a staff member for help!