TOPA Next-Generation Resort Hotel

A Next-Generation
Resort Hotel

Hakone Hotel Kowakien’s efforts to improve customer convenience include introducing cashless payment in all areas, self check-in machines, an automatic luggage deposit system, and a system enabling payment in the comfort of your guest room, with the aim of making the hotel a more carefree and comfortable place to stay.


We have introduced self check-in machines and a system enabling payment in the comfort of your guest room to make your stay as smooth as possible.

Self Check-in Machines

Check-in and check-out proceed smoothly using automatic payment machines. We also accept advance payment after 8:00 a.m. on the day of check-out so that you only need to return your room key when leaving for a smooth departure.

Cashless payments

Guest rooms

After 8:00 a.m. on the day of check-out, you are able to make payment while still in your guest room by scanning the 2D code displayed on the TV information system in the guest room. Payment can only be made by credit card.
*You can accrue points by presenting your THE FUJITA MEMBERS Card when checking in. However, these points cannot be used when paying.

Credit card payment


You are also able to automatically deposit your luggage for safe keeping. The vending machines are also completely cashless.

Baggage keeper

Using our automatic baggage deposit system, you are able to deposit your luggage for safekeeping both prior to check-in and after check-out.

[Free of charge]

Vending machine

The hotel provides amenity vending machines and beverage vending machines, all of which are cashless.

*Some payment details may differ depending on the model.

Cashless payments

Garden Map

You can easily view a walking map of the garden on your smartphone.

Digital distribution

A digital walking map of the garden is available for viewing on your smartphone. You can also view recommended spots within the garden.

App of Garden Map


Information on hotel facilities and the operation status of the laundry area can be checked in real time from your guest room.

Room TV

Information about the hotel is provided through the TV information in your guest room. You can view information on facilities, as well as the congestion status of the large baths and the restaurant in real time.


Two fully automatic washers and dryers have been installed in the laundry area within the hotel. In addition to introducing cashless payment, we have also linked the laundry area to the guest room TV information system, allowing you to check the operation status in real time from your guest room.